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  1. For Sale: Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

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    OHPF Bluetooth Handsfree Kit Hey guys, I upgraded to android head unit so I'm selling my Smart bluetooth hands free pod system( the one that replaces the clock). I will ship with tracking. I'm new to this forum, but I've been on eBay for 17 years and have 100% feedback under same username. Buy...
  2. 2008 smart fortwo 2din gps/bluetooth/etc (Greece)

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    Hello, i have a smart fortwo 2008 model and i want to buy a gps/bluetooth 2din dvd radio unit. Since i am not very familiar with these items i found this unit but i really dont like the menus...also i dont know what kind of maps this this is carrying and if i can add other map software...
  3. Does anyone know what this is ?

    smart General Discussion
    Greetings all! I purchased a 2008 smart car convertible last week. Attached to my radio is in this picture. It looks like a phone or bluetooth connection. I took out the stereo and followed the wire but it didnt really lead anywhere that i could tell. I am very techno savvy and I looked...
  4. Noise when making bluetooth calls using 2011 smart highline stereo

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    Hi, Is anyone else having problems with smart highline stereo when making phone calls? The person on the other end can't hear me due to high noise level. This only happens while driving at high speed (freeway), and works fine in city driving. I think the microphone is built into the stereo...
  5. Smart Pure 2010 Bluetooth Dash

    smart General Discussion
    I have been doing some discussing with my Smart Dealer here in St. Catharines over the lack of a AUX or Line-In with the Factory Bluetooth installed and wondering if anyone else is having an issue or has a solution provided by Smart. Here is the situation details; 1) Car - Smart Pure 2010 with...
  6. Avic U310bt Install

    Avic U310bt Install

    My aftermarket mods-- Polk Speakers; Pioneer AVIC 310BT dash unit; arm rest
  7. AVIC U310BT Install

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    I just installed the AVIC U310BTs in my 2009 smart car after reading that this unit would be offered as the "official" GPS upgrade on the 2010 model smarts. They retail for about $600 but I picked up a unit on eBay for $370. Another $30 for the iPod cable and 50 bucks for the Polk Audio DB651...