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body panels

  1. Socket (fuel) door hinge replacement

    Interior & Exterior
    Anyone have photos of the Right Rear body panel removal. I broke my socket door Flap HINGE, and need to replace it. Just a picture of how the hinge is fitted to the inside of the body panel will help. Lee
  2. Smart body wraps

    Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Smart now offers several body wraps in various styles. Has anyone actually gotten their smart wrapped by the dealer with one of these?
  3. Silver body panels

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Silver Body Panel Silver body panel 2008 fortwo coupe complete set Silver Metallic, Excellent Condition $400
  4. Body Panel Swap/ trade (white for black)

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    i own a 2008 Passion with crystal white panels in excellent condition. I would like to black out my car and am interested in swapping panels with someone that has a black smart and would like a set of nice white panels. there is nothing wrong with my panels i just have upgraded to deep dish...
  5. Silver Panels For Sale in Seattle - $850

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I have a complete set of Silver Metallic Body Panels for sale. Parts are in storage in West Seattle and will require a truck or SUV for pickup. $400 less then buying them from the dealership. Pm me if you are interested.
  6. Most of the panel kits/mods/replacements out there are pretty tame!

    Interior & Exterior
    I've been checking out many of the mods for the Smart and I'm finding that most of the body mods are pretty tame. A fender flare, slightly lower front lip, etc. I've several ideas for panel upgrades on the Smart. As much as I'd like to make them myself, I don't have the equipment nor the...
  7. Finally got my new panels

    smart Gallery
    Well my panels finally came in after nearly 3 months time and let me say I love the new look. I planned on waiting to take good pics but when I saw this Bentley parked behind it I decided to brake the pic early. I plan on taking the front emblem off in the next week or so but tonight I had...
  8. silver panels for sale

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I have silver panels, about 200 miles driven, excellent condition. Includes factory box. call 724 285-2122
  9. Raw material used for making body panels

    Raw material used for making body panels

    Yellow, White and Black beads of raw plastic material used for the construction of all body panels. The black beads are used for all powder coated panels. Recyclable material.