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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    As I mentioned in another thread, I removed the front panels to change the fan. It was long and annoying but I got through it. Something interesting happened on reinstallation: the one T30 bolt in the 'sail' in front of the mirror (where the little passion emblem is) is having a VERY hard time...
  2. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    So in the Atlanta heat building up, I participate in frequent carpools where I wait for 10-45 minutes with AC and my question is whether I should (P)ark or (N)eutral with Parking Brake ? I can't seem to discriminate a difference in current draw. Can't tell whether the VFD is "engaged" or...
  3. smart Modifications
    So I came across a post selling colored bolt caps for the Smart, I've never seen these used before and wondered whether those or colored lug nuts would do the job better. How do you affix the caps, do they ever fly off? Just curious :nuts:
1-3 of 3 Results