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  1. smart General Discussion
    Picked up my black brabus tonight at smart center Easton in Columbus and I LOVE it!! My sales guy andrew was great and it was his first car that he sold!! I got free rubber floor mates 4 keychains and the license plate for the frount that mounts on the tow hook all for free!!! Only took 15...
  2. smart center Dealerships
    If you are planning on buying a smart car in ohio dont waste your time going to smart center cincinnati go straight to smart center easton in columbus. I was not pleased with the manager at smart center cincinnati when you would ask him somthing it would end up not being true. they say they...
  3. 2009 Brabus

    2009 Brabus

  4. 2009 Brabus

    2009 Brabus

  5. 2009 Brabus

    2009 Brabus

  6. New Members Area
    Hello all. My name is Tom and am the proud owner of a "new" 2006 Cabrio CDI. The previous owner added Brabus body panels and leather interior, so it looks a bit faster than it goes... :rolleyes: Photos posted eventually. Best Regards Tom
  7. smart Wheels & Tires
    Just tried it. They fit. Very close though -- inner sidewall is ~3mm from lower spring perch. Fills out the fender nicely but still very slightly tucked. I'm thinking 20mm spacer at the back to match. Opens up the option of losing the 15" fronts but keeping the Brabus look.:D Pics:
  8. Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

    Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

  9. Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

    Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

  10. Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

    Smart Pulse 2002 + Brabus Sb1

  11. Fortwo Passion

    Fortwo Passion

  12. Interior & Exterior Styling
    BRABUS Shift Knob for the 451 smart Car Black leather wrapped with silvery grey stitching embossed with the BRABUS emblem lends the interior a more sporty and elegant touch – also goes perfectly with the BRABUS hand-brake handle. $199.00 + S&H. Please call Paul at 512-592-4965 to get one...
  13. smart General Discussion
    I have been driving my new Brabus for a week now and could not be happier. Handling and performance is much better than expected.:D
  14. Brabus Indoors

    Brabus Indoors

    2009 Brabus ready for delivery
  15. Brabus Delivered

    Brabus Delivered

    2009 Brabus with yellow panels
  16. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Brabus pedal sets U$ 165, CAD $ 215 Reduced 80% 500 x 375 (53.06K) a non-Brabus set for U$ 95 ,CAD $ 125 Reduced 75% 400 x 356 (40.31K) these are metal pedals with rubber inserts all fully guaranteed harald
  17. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Brabus add-on instruments available, without colored cover plates,U$ 220. limited time/supply offer. click on image to enlarge
  18. Interior & Exterior Styling
    BRABUS Sport Pedal Set Made of matt aluminium, the pedals enhance the sporty feel. Black rubber nubs on the pedals prevent slipping, thereby ensuring a precise response to the driver’s commands and reactions. $209 + S&H. Please call Paul @ 512-592-4965 if you'd like a set. Thanks.
  19. smart General Discussion
    Hello all! It's Paul from smart center Bedford. While we do FINALLY have some smart fortwos in stock, both Coupes and Cabs, I have 2 even more exciting developments. We just put our 2008 Demo smart fortwos up for sale and they represent a good opportunity to aquire a great smart at an even...
  20. smart News & Rumors
    I have a silver Brabus for display on my showroom floor! It just arrived on 12/16 and is beautiful. Feel free to stop by anytime to check it out. Email me at [email protected] if you plan to stop in! Thanks!