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brake light

  1. Partial led taillights

    Ok. On my 2016 prime my taillights went out. My brake lights work, but not my taillights. I went to check my bulbs and found out my car has partial led’s. I don’t understand why brake lights work and taillights don’t not like standard bulb with two filaments. Any suggestions appreciated. I have...
  2. LED lifetime disappointment & blinker speed

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I installed new LED tail light lamps all around 10 months ago after an OEM lamp burned out. I was delighted when the blinker/hazard lights functioned after the replacement. I didn’t use any resistors. One of Maryland’s finest informed me that I had a bad rear tail light. On closer...
  3. Rear light driver side not working

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Got a problem. I own a 2008 451. when i turn all my lights on front and back all lights work except the rear driver side not working. the passenager side is working. when I brake all the lights working including the driver side light. when i unpress the brake pedal. the light doesnt turn on...