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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    2008 Fortwo Passion Coupe 85K I'm having the following issue and I wanted to get any input before getting underneath the car and changing the brake light switch. The issue is that when I turn on the car and press the brake pedal, the brake lights come on but do not switch off. In order to get...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey everyone. I'm new here and in need. I recently took my ForTwo 2014 in for inspection and apparently I need new engine mounts (both front and rear). I am skeptical at the pricing they provided and wondered what y'all think. They are claiming that it will cost 950 for both mounts as well as...
  3. smart General Discussion
    So after stalking the "Expected wear of front rotors" thread, Brabus007 posted a link to these rotors on EBAY. Do you think that since the price is that cheap that the quality is bad? The sellers' reviews seem to beg to differ, but the old saying, "you get what you pay for" rings loud and clear...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    This weekend going through a mountain pass, uphill and downhill, the car seems to brake automatically when going around a corner at just over 50km/h or 30-35mph. Just to mention it was a sunny day and the road was dry! Is this normal?
  5. smart Modifications
    <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I'm interested in colored brake calipers for my Smart, as seen on sites like But I have no idea where to get them, or how much they cost. Does anyone have good information on these?
  6. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I spoke to someone on here one time awhile back about a better grade brake pad that is not so damned dirty and they recommended EBC Green pads and also a pt #. I want to get them in advance of needing to change out the brake pads or when I just get tired of having to clean the front wheels so...
  7. Bergstrom Smart Tower In Milw, Wi

    Bergstrom Smart Tower in Milw, WI
1-7 of 8 Results