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  1. Lowered 08 Passion w/Genius weels and Breathless pipe...

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    After my Smart made it through its first production year with fewer warranty problems than my other first year vehicles (G35 Coupe & Expedition SUV) it was time for some customization. Thanks to the guys at Smart Madness, a bunch of boxes came with Genius wheels, their own line of progressive...
  2. Breathless Lower Valance for the twin tip or factory exhaust

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    We just put up the pics of the new lower valance for either the twin center tip or stock tip. Our Products at Breathless Performance Ernie
  3. Installed new twin tip exhaust today "WOW"

    smart Modifications
    This exhaust is quite impressive:D:D:D This System from Breathless Performance Rocks! My Smart is definitely faster and it sounds incredible. 1) Hands down the system is exceptional quality with perfect welds and the highest quality Stainless that is thick. 2) The center exit with high...