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  1. California Chapter
    As the owner of a 2005 gray market ForTwo Cabrio, I went through a long and miserable search for someone to properly replace my plastic cabrio window. I can only say this—do NOT bother with any auto upholstery shops for this, or any cabrio top work. Just head straight to GAHH Automotive...
  2. Dealers and Parts
    Can anyone recommend a good, INEXPENSIVE (as in, under ~$80) choice of car cover for my 2005 450 ForTwo Passion Cabriolet? I want to protect the cabrio top and $$new$$ plastic rear window from sun/environmental damage, and further aging. I'm in Los Angeles, so I'm not too worried too much about...
  3. Modifications and Repairs
    My 2005 cabrio's window has finally gotten stage 4 plastic cancer and I must replace it. Getting the replacement back panel for the cabrio top (the plastic is not a separate part) requires my Canada connection getting it from Germany; the part alone will cost over $2,700—I didn't even ask about...
1-3 of 3 Results