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  1. Wanted: Rubber cap that fits behind the low beam

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    :( Somewhere, somehow, whatever ... the rubber cup that attaches to the back of the housing for the low beam light has fallen off. I am not sure if it fell through or is somewhere in the bowels of the front of the smartie. Does anyone have one for sale. I have to have it as moisture is seeping...
  2. Smart Seatbelt Cushions

    Smart Seatbelt Cushions

  3. Alt. View

    Alt. View

    Drain holes in the bottom of cap. Cap is attached via hot melt glue.
  4. De Dion Tubes Capped

    De Dion Tubes Capped

    Used Rustoleum cobalt blue metallic spray paint. Perfect match given its location.
  5. De Dion Tube Cap Closeup

    De Dion Tube Cap Closeup