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  1. smart General Discussion
    Good morning. Im new to the site, fairly new to the smart car life. I own a 2006 4two. Cdi. Diesel. It has a tune in it along with a straight pipe. It has ran great (+20000km since purchase) up until the other day. Its was smoking black really bad, more so then usual. I did my homework and...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I have wanted a smart car for several years. I recently had the capital and know how to buy one for $700, minus auction fees, some 7 ish states away in Indiana. While being a spur of the moment purchase I rented a U haul and drove from Maine to Indianapolis in my Tahoe. I have wanted...
  3. Dealers and Parts
    Can anyone help me find somewhere that I could get a stock replacement for my muffler / exhaust? I apparently lost one of the mounting bolts, and increased fatigue quickly made the muffler pipe fail. I don't really want a "performance" upgrade or whatever. I do want a catalytic converter in...
  4. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    2005 Smart CDI Pure registered in Ontario, resides in Brighton MI. Odometer 116000 km (less than 75000 miles). CD player, no AC The car drives, however the turbo needs replacement. Maximum speed presently is 80 kph or 50 mph. The car has been maintained by a mechanical engineer, always used...
  5. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    SOLD SOLD :cool:
  6. New Members Area
    New member from Florida, with 2005 CDI Smart. Looking forward to learning more about this amazing little car :D BubblesDepo
  7. New Members Area
    Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum and am thinking of getting a Smart car. I am particularly interested in the diesel, but I don't see any recent news. Does anyone know if the company has commented lately on whether this will be available in the U.S.?
  8. Modifications and Repairs
    I have a 2006 Canadian Cabrio CDI with about 60k Km on the odometer - While running errands a couple days ago - on a nice chilly rainy day - I hop into my car and notice it doesn't want to turn over. Just a "click" from the SAM, no starter. Noticed the CHECK ENGINE light is on. Used a...
  9. New Members Area
    Hello all. My name is Tom and am the proud owner of a "new" 2006 Cabrio CDI. The previous owner added Brabus body panels and leather interior, so it looks a bit faster than it goes... :rolleyes: Photos posted eventually. Best Regards Tom
  10. Smart Cdi Cabrio And Mercedes B 200

    our two regular use cars
  11. Silver CDI

    Still from United Pictures Video "1000 Km in the smart fortwo CDI"
  12. Silver CDI

    Still from United Pictures Video "1000 Km in the smart fortwo CDI"
1-12 of 13 Results