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  1. Oil change rant

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    rrrrraaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH! 6 hours after I started my oil change, and I am not really done. Ok, so Im slow because Im chronically ill so bear that in mind. I did my last oil change after we arrived in WA a year ago (and 10k miles, yes) so its time again. My MGP has dropped by almost...
  2. Dropped bulb inside car

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    There I am changing the bulbs in the rear of the smart. As I am placing the board back into the car one of the bulbs pops out of the board and drops. Where it went I don't know. Spent an hour pocking and looking. No where to be seen. Anyone know where they fall to if lost inside the rear of the...
  3. Oil Change on my Smart Car

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I had an oil change done on my smart car and they put an oil additive in. I am so upsad since in the manuel it sayed apselutly no additives ever. I am German and can read the book. On the German website it also tells you this. Has anyone ever had that happen to them?:mad: Please let me know Thanks
  4. San Francisco (non-dealer) Oil Change Reccommendations?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone could suggest a shop that they have taken their Smart Car to for an oil change. I bought the filter from the Mercedes Benz/Smart Center and would like to have my oil change done elsewhere but preferably not somewhere that's never seen or worked on a smart...