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  1. CT Chapter is dead

    Connecticut Chapter
    Guys, maybe I'm super blind, but I need some help understanding something here. There is over 47k documented sales of smarts in the U.S.A. In Connecticut, my sources have told me that I should have well over 500 smarts in Connecticut. If that's true, that means at our first event, about 3% of...
  2. Our Chapter Has a Facebook!

    Connecticut Chapter
    Hey everybody! I just wanted to announce that our chapter has an official Facebook page! Please feel free to join the group and RSVP for our first chapter meeting! Thank you! :D
  3. 1st Chapter Meeting

    Connecticut Chapter
    Good afternoon everybody. This is Brett Harrison, the Connecticut chapter President. I would like to formally announce here the first official Connecticut chapter meeting. This meeting will be located at the smart center Fairfield. The time will be April 9th, 2011 at 1:00 P.M. Please set...
  4. Central Texas Chapter needed?

    Texas Chapter
    Okay, let's see if this thread title gets more response. Do we need our own central Texas chapter? Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville? Well?