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  1. Questions from a newbie

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I am new to the EV scene and have recently gotten a 2016 smart fortwo ED. I made the mistake of leaving it overnight charging at a level 2 charger (J1772 plug based I believe). I got a message from my charging provider that the car is drawing very little power and may be fully charged. I...
  2. Charging

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I just purchased a 2013 SmartCar electric and I love it! I want from golf cart to Bombadier (same size as smart and looks very similiar) to a GEM to this SmartCar. Oh btw I still have the GEM and it's for sale...another topic though. I was wondering when should I charge this? The other carts...
  3. Anyone had problems charging on public EVSEs, OK w/ included EVSE

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Question for smart fortwo ED (Electric Drive) owners/dealers: I have two problems on my leased smart fortwo ED: 1) a couple of weeks ago the fortwo ED stopped taking charge at a public EVSE charging station near work, charging fine (but very slowly as usual at 120v/11a max) using included EVSE...
  4. Full Message txt while driving!

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't really broken... I kept getting "Your Vehicle has been fully charged" txt while driving. I figured the app was screwy. Then I realized I live at the top of a hill and typically drive downhill for 2-3 miles, and I was going over 100%, and unable...
  5. Departure Time Set - No Delayed Charging

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I have read a few posts and I am still not 100% of what to expect when using the departure time setting (A/C On) in terms of when the charging will start. I expected the charging system to project the time needed to charge and delay charging until the remaining time was just greater than needed...
  6. What is up with the high prices for EVSE?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I am new to the world of electric vehicles - just got a smart ED about 3 weeks ago. (Love the car by the way, but it's in the shop today to repair an oil leak at the right rear axle.) Before getting the car I was planning to install a 240V charging device in the garage to provide faster...
  7. Battery Charging/Defect

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    When my Dad leaves his Smartcar unrun in the driveway for a month, the battery is dead, requiring him to get AAA to jump it via the floor carpet removal. #1) How can I tell if his battery is one of the defective ones that should be replaced for free by the dealer? I think he had some...