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  1. Illinois Chapter
    I'm looking for someone in the Chicago area (we're on the northside of city of Chicago, closer the better of course) to help me change the brake pads on our '09 (little over 40k miles, just starting to squeak). We're still fairly new owners, so this is my first time having to deal with brakes...
  2. Illinois Chapter
    I'm having quite a time finding a mechanic to work on my smart car in the city. I don't want to go out to Loeber in Lincolnwood. Does anyone have a mechanic within city limits and CTA accessible that they like? Thanks!:)
  3. Illinois Chapter
    Spring has sprung and it is time to start a summer of fun! Come out to "The Carriage Carwash" in Roselle,IL. for a wash and lunch with your fellow smart owners. For kicks this year write down the name of your favorite independent restaurant and we will draw from a hat to pick a location for our...
  4. Indiana Chapter
    Thinking about hopping on the South Shore in South Bend and going to the Chicago Auto Show this weekend or on Monday, February 15th. South Shore will cost about $20.00 round trip and drops you right at the McCormick Place. Entry to the show is $11.00. Anyone else interested?
  5. New Members Area
    SMARTIE PARTY AT BIG CHICKS SUNDAY SEPTEMEBER 27....smartcars with Big Chicks. 4-6PM Big Chicks 5024 N Sheridan Chicago, IL 773-728-5511 FREE Barbeque Buffett BIG CHICKS AND BIGGER PERSONALITIES...little cars.
  6. smart General Discussion
    Chicago & Area July Rally! I have set up a get together for everyone around the Chicagoland area for 11:30 am Sunday,July12th at California Pizza Kitchen at the Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie,IL.Last time we had 17 cars let's see if we can double that! Please send me a PM or rsvp no...
1-6 of 6 Results