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  1. Connecticut Chapter
    Hey everybody! I would like to announce here that I have worked with the organizers at my college for their second annual car show next month and they AGREED TO GIVE OUR CARS ITS OWN CLASS! Here is the flyer if anybody is interested! Lets try and get a good amount of smarts to this event to...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hey guys, I was looking at a layout of classes for an upcoming car show and I need your assistance. I have provided a poll of the only two choices for this car show, but it would also help to know if we all think that our cars are more one or the either. I can see that this might lean one way or...
  3. smart News & Rumors
    Anyone seen this website? I saw a writeup on it on Jalopnik today, and I'm wary to go into it because it mentions its even slightly NSFW :eek: and, well, I'm at work. Apparently it's quite the quirky site. New Smart Marketing Mini-Site Weird, Occasionally NSFW - smart fortwo - Jalopnik
1-3 of 5 Results