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  1. HELP - can't set LCD clock !!

    New Members Area
    Just bought a used 2008 Cabrio with 36K miles. Overall great condition but I haven't been able to re-set the LCD clock. Instructions say to press left button, but when I do, it just resets the tripometer. Same result when I briefly depress or press and hold. Anyone had similar problem and found...
  2. WTB: Clock pod for Smart Fortwo 450

    Dealers and Parts
    Hi I'm based in New Zealand and am looking for a second hand clock pod for a 2002 Smart Fortwo to install a X-Guage into. If you have a clock which is broken - but the outside pod is in good condition I am also interested. PM me if you have a part which maybe suitable.
  3. Changing the dashboard clock

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey everyone, I can't change the clock on the dashboard next to the odometer. The manual doesn't help, and just tells me to hold down the left button on the display until the clock colon ":" flashes. It never does, and I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for it to. Anyone who has actually been...