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  1. While in Neutral, Car Tries to Move Forward.

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    My 2009 SMART Passion ForTwo will not drive and is experiencing a really strange behavior. What happens is that I start the car, and while it's in park and idling, it will disengage the clutch just until it slightly lugs forward like an inch... then stop pretty much as soon as it's detecting...
  2. 08 Smart 451 will not engage into gear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Backround Info: Purchased this car 2 years ago with 60k on the odometer, it now has 112k. As far as I know the clutch itself has never been replaced. After a couple months of normal driving one day after a nice highway cruise, the car would not go into gear and got the three lines on the dash. I...
  3. HELP! has anyone had to have the clutch motor replaced on the smart? (I have an '09)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Let me start by explaining the problem I have been having. Bear with me....ANY help or advice or similar stories would be GREATLY appreciated. Starting several months ago, I was driving my smart (in automatic mode) on a busy road (flat, no hill), and came to a stop light. when I came to a...
  4. smooth but rapid start on green light??

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've only had my smart for a few days. And I'm very curious - has anyone mastered getting a quick start, from a stop, up to normal driving speeds - SMOOTHLY?? Like, where somebody looking at the car from outside would barely notice the smart changing gears? The skill or capability has so far...
  5. Clutch: Driving at Slow Speeds

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I’ve had my car for six months and it has 7,400 miles on it. When I drive it around town in stop-and-go traffic or coast through parking lots, my car sometimes seems to get stuck in between first and second gear. It gets very jerky. It’s like riding in a manual transmission car with someone...
  6. How I got my clutch replaced - for those having problems

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Well, after 9 months of dealing with intermittent reverse problems, and two dealerships (neither one where I bought it) unable to replicate, I found the posts on this site about the clutch problems in some 2008 builds. 2 weeks before warranty was out, I went back to my local dealer for the...
  7. No Reverse and Kudos to scp

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I just had my red 08 cabrio in for its 20K servicing last week, but last night I had an unpleasant situation happen with the transmission. I was on my way to meet some folks and running just about on time, but I stopped to get a Diet Coke at a convenience store and set up my GPS for the last...
  8. smart 451 Clutch Actuator

    smart 451 Clutch Actuator

    4 Electric motor 5 Electric motor connector 6 Actuating plunger M18 Clutch motor
  9. Have you replaced your clutch ?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    1)How many miles did you have when you replaced your clutch? 2)How much did it cost? :smartlogo::smartlogo: *Merry post-Christmas