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  1. smart vs watercraft

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    I didn't think this was fair: Sure, we're talking about a Smart Car Fortwo here but even those will reach freeway speeds if you give them long enough. But for roughly the same price, wouldn't you rather have the most badass jet-ski of all time? The 2011 VXR Waverunner is powered by a 1.8L...
  2. Dayton gas price changes

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    Just did this on [] to see if our constant variation in gas prices around Dayton are happening elsewhere. Picked Houston and L.A. at random: While the prices in the big cities differ, they're pretty constant; Dayton prices...
  3. smart vs Hummer H1 article

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    There is an article in today's (May 12, 2008) South Bend Tribune about my smart and my science teacher's H1. I've posted the URL below. You can read it for free for the next seven days. After that they charge you. Maybe someone wants to cut and paste or scan and jpeg it? :o...