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  1. new owner here

    New Members Area
    As long as the paperwork goes through this weekend, i should be a new first time owner of a smartie. I found a trade in sitting at a local dealer for good price. Its a mint condition 2008 Cabrio, with 7300 miles. Apparently it was a corporate car and rarely used. The vehicle looks like its never...
  2. CT Chapter is dead

    Connecticut Chapter
    Guys, maybe I'm super blind, but I need some help understanding something here. There is over 47k documented sales of smarts in the U.S.A. In Connecticut, my sources have told me that I should have well over 500 smarts in Connecticut. If that's true, that means at our first event, about 3% of...
  3. A Focus Group For smart USA

    Connecticut Chapter
    Hey everybody! I would like to proudly announce that I am working with the associate professor of marketing for Sacred Heart University and my professor of marketing at the University of New Haven to conduct a focus group of smart owners. We are going to plan this so we can do the focus...
  4. ANOTHER smart sighting!

    Connecticut Chapter
    So I'm on my way home from dropping the UPS box at the UPS Store which had my old paddles shifters in it since I finally had time to return my old ones, I saw a smart car that was just like mine in terms of color and cabrio styling. The license plate said "SMARTT" maybe it was somebody on SCOA...