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  1. Used MDC cruise control for Smart coupe

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Used MDC cruise control for Smart coupe [SOLD] MDC cruise control for Smart 451 coupe. Removed from car prior to trade-in; was working fully when removed. No remote LED module; available from Smart Madness (smart car parts - smart car accessories) for $25. $100 plus shipping. [SOLD]
  2. Soooo... Cruise Control?

    Interior & Exterior
    Is that an option for a 451? Or does it not exist?
  3. Mystery Eye Finally Explained (climate control)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The mysterious black "eye" at the bottom of the climate control dial is finally explained (somewhat) in the recently posted technical manual: (Tech. Manual at 105). No more need for paranoia; smart is not watching your driving habits with that eye! :D