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  1. Soft top needed

    smart General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I could purchase a Fortwo 2008- 2016 convertible top for a decent price? Or any places which sells Smart parts other than Ebay? Would be of great help!
  2. Convertible Top 2009 fortwo

    New Members Area
    Where can I get a new top for a 2009 smart car fortwo? I can’t find any online. Please help!!! thanks.
  3. Wanted: Smart 451 convertible driver side roof rail silver

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi, Would anyone know where I can get a used roof rail for a smart 451 convertible? Its the one above the door that you can remove when the top is down. I'm looking for a replacement driver side rail in silver color, because my current one is rusted. Thanks!
  4. 2009 Smart Convertible Top not going down

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    i have a 2009 smart passion convertible soft top. One day was out cruising with top and rails taken off. got to my destination and wanted to put the top up, my passenger pressed the button before allowing me to put the rails back on first doing so made the top sort of fall off into the car but...
  5. Soft Top

    New Members Area
    I need a complete soft top for my 2001 smart cabrio and have had no luck with the auto wreckers... any one have any suggestions or knowledge as to where i can get this.... besides spending 2000.00 at the dealers.?
  6. New Smart Owner and have a question about convertible top.

    New Members Area
    I bought a 2008 Fortwo Cabriolet - LOVE IT! Except when it is windy and I'm on the highway :) What is recommended to clean the cloth top with? Which cleaner?