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  1. [HELP] Shaking Coolant

    New Members Area
    I have a 2012 Smart Fortwo Pure (451). Got it around 6 weeks ago. When I start the vehicle the coolant shakes a bit too much and the noise its loud. At first I thought it had to do with using the AC. Since the first time I used the AC, such event occurred. Hence, I stopped using the AC so far...
  2. Greetings from Central California!

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I own a 2013 smart fortwo pure with 14K miles that I purchased used in Sept. of last year. I love driving it everyday and look forward to taking it on some trips!:) I do have a couple of questions to ask: 1. Taking the low miles (14K) and age (4 years)...
  3. Coolant leak under front drivers side?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, We just purchased a 2008 Cab with 50K on it. Just noticed a small puddle of the blue coolant under the front of the car closer to the drivers side if the car. Does not appear to be leaking so much that the coolant reservoir is too low and does not seem to be directly under the radiator...
  4. Coolant

    smart General Discussion
    I drive a 2008 Smart Car For Two Passion. What coolant do I use? Is the Mercedes dealer the only place to purchase the coolant for the vehicle? Thank you!
  5. Coolant loss dilemma

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I serviced my 2009, 451 a few weeks and ago and topped off the radiator coolant level. Over a period of a week the car suddenly but slowly lost coolant and over heated. For the purpose of this discussion, I don’t want to get into the cause of coolant loss but instead discuss what should...
  6. 2008 Smart Passion Engine Blown from Coolant Leak HELP!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2008 Passion with 28k miles. Driving on the highway for 70 miles, the car stalled out with no warning lights whatsoever. Wouldn't re-start. Had it towed and am now being told by the dealer that it overheated to the point that it literally melted the engine. How could this happen...
  7. Redline Water Wetter

    smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody! I thought I would chime in on what I did yesterday. I added Redline Water Wetter to my coolant. Red Line Synthetic Oil - Water Wetter® Coolant Additives - Water Wetter® Here is what I did. I rolled up paper towel tightly and put that into the coolant tank. That absorbed enough...