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  1. 2008 fortwo Passion Coupe- Passenger foot area

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    Hello, I am a new member and will make an official introduction when I am back on my computer (on cell now). I was hoping if someone could post a pic of the passenger foot area to see how the carpet/floor area sits. I ask because I just purchased my smart and I'm doing work on it to get it ready...
  2. HI, Canadian Newbie here

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    About to purchase a 2008 ForTwo with 130,000Km. Nice clean car, anything you members can tell me to look for?
  3. Santa's new (to him) sleigh

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    Hello! New smart Passion owner from Louisville, KY. I travel to Germany quite a bit for work, and have rented many a smart car there. I have wanted one of my own for some time, and when my son burned up my Toyota (long story) it was the perfect excuse for me to get my smart car. My smart: It...
  4. Mini Coupe

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  5. Smart Center Jacksonville

    Smart Center Jacksonville

    smart center Jacksonville 7018 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 904.253.7300
  6. 2008 Smart Passion Coupe

    2008 Smart Passion Coupe

    This is my little bumble bee.