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  1. 2016 453 Prime Cruise Control is Unavailable?

    This is a odd one. I've been driving this on Interstate for 3 weeks now. And today when I'm off to a service call, turn on the cruse control, get a ding, yellow box message that "Cruse Control is Un-available" message on the display. This is odd since I was using cruse control to the office...
  2. New eSmart in Silicon Valley

    New Members Area
    we got our esmart about 10 days ago. We really like it and are learning to work with the restrictions that come with EV driving. A couple of issues though: 1. There is no cruise control. We waited 4 months to get an EV with cruise control, but after it arrived, the sales guy said that the car...
  3. SOLD — Area 451 Cruise Control - New In Box

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I bought the cruise control a few years ago and never put it in. The car "left" in a divorce. Paid $479 and everything is brand new and in the original package. Located in SE Wisconsin and ready to ship immediately. Looking for a good solid offer.
  4. Cruise Control for Passion Coupe

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone, the forum is new to me and this is my very first posting even though I have had my 2010 Passion Coupe since July 2010. I would like to have Cruise Control installed in my Passion Coupe, however I have not been able to find anyone to install one for me. I live in Beaverton, Oregon...
  5. Cruise Control Kit

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Hi, I'm after a complete Cruise Control Kit for a 2008 Passion. I can't afford a new one at full price, so happy to take a used good condition kit at a reduced price if anyone is selling. Thanks Tumbleweed
  6. Will the 2011 Smart cruise control work in a 2009 451?

    smart Modifications
    It would be nice if that where the case. If so then I am for sure going to put in my smart!
  7. Seattle-area Area 451 Cruise Control Install Party

    West Coast Clubs
    I'm trying to gauge interest in an Area 451 Cruise Control install party put on by SmartieParts in the Seattle area. He will be doing one in Boise towards the end of March. If we give him enough time, he can do the install before or after the Boise party (his flight goes through Seatac). The...
  8. WANTED: 451 cruise (SHOT IN THE DARK)

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I just put in the wife's cruise in her 2006 Toyota matrix after 5 years of not having one. So now Im jealous. But I cant afford a $500 DIY part! Is there ANYONE with a wreaked smart or they have a smart that has a crusie that wants to part with theirs a bit cheaper? Its a shot in the dark but if...
  9. Soooo... Cruise Control?

    Interior & Exterior
    Is that an option for a 451? Or does it not exist?
  10. NEW smart from Chandler Arizona Smart Center

    New Members Area
    Wife bought a Smart finally. Her name is Bea - the car, not my wife. Passion, cabrio, tinted windows, heated seats. White with silver Tridion, tan interior. Gonna do custom paint. Looking at all the possibilities. Maybe a zebra stripe of just a cool color. Chandler Smart Center was awesome. We...
  11. New in Nashville (towing?)

    smart Towing
    Greetings from Nashville, My wife and I just bought our new Cabrio this weekend. (Bought it in Louisville) We are hoping to tow it behind our class c. I have read most of the Flat towing forums, so I have a pretty good idea of what i need. I am wondering if anyone in the Nashville area has had...
  12. Need help with mdc cruise control!

    smart Modifications
    I just obtained an MDC cruise control, but it has no instructions - anyone out there have the installation instructions they would be willing to share with me?
  13. Cruise group buy deal w/ cheap installs in May

    Texas Chapter
    Hello folks. For those that don't know me, my name is Steven Morehouse and I run the SmartieParts store in BC Canada. I also distribute the popular Area 451 Parts cruise control. I have possibly a reason to be in the DFW area in May but with today's economy I simply can't justify the trip...
  14. Area 451 cruise control

    smart General Discussion
    I just completed the install of the Area 451 cruise control. It does not look like much when you get it out of the box. There is no servo, none is needed, and there is nothing to install on the engine. Who wudda thunk it. It took about an hour to install the mod on the wiper control arm...
  15. Dash light LED kit for Area451 cruise control available

    smart Modifications
    In case you haven't been on the Area451 board lately, John H announced that his kits for adding a dash led are now available. Tutorial: Secondary LED indicator in Instrument Cluster (post # 63 on page 5 of the thread)
  16. Area 451 Cruise Control from

    smart Modifications
    Installed the Cruise control, works great, easy install, great directions
  17. SC Seattle now Offers Cruise Control?

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi everyone, I just received an email from a SC Seattle representative, and she said they now have cruise control as an option :D. I can't believe it :eek:... Has anyone else heard about this?
  18. Area451 Cruise Control Installed

    smart Modifications
    Ordered in May, notified 8/30/08 my reserved unit was available at Smartieparts. Didn't waste anytime questioning price, these folks have spent alot of time and money designing and testing this product so I bought. Steve Airmailed the box at his expense(that's customer service) and Sat 9/06/08 I...
  19. Area 451 Cruise Control with Free Install

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    SmartieParts will make 10 of the new Area 451 cruise controls available this Saturday Sept 13 at the PNW meet in Prosser WA. Steven will do the installation at no charge There are four more spots open. UPDATE: Time is getting near, so if you are in on the Area 451 cc deal, let SmartieParts...
  20. Area 451 Cruise Control

    smart Modifications
    The Area 451 cruise control is now available and being sold by the sole retailer SmartieParts. The price is right and it looks like it is going to be a great option for the smart. I am rather far down the list for one of these and would very much appreciate it if one of you who is near the top...