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  1. New 2013 back to Dealership - Transmission

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    After having to re-teach the transmission of my less-than-six-month-old Smart car five times in the past week, it gave up altogether leaving me stranded. (The check engine light came on in addition to the transmission problems.) MB roadside assistance was rude and not very helpful but...
  2. The worst car i've ever owned

    smart General Discussion
    My ex bought the smart fortwo passion I now have to drive because we lived in Manhattan and for space reasons, he thought it was a good idea. For parking purposes it's actually not bad (aside from the giant blind spot). Everything else about the car is just appalling, most of all SMART the...
  3. Done with smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I'm selling my smart. Check my profile for a photo. Smart does not stand behind their products. Their customer service department refuses to call me back, because our car is out of warranty. Piss poor quality has caused my fuel-pump to go out. They are refusing to even call me and discuss...