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  1. smart center Dealerships
    after being in the car business for 25+ years, i understand the smart centers need for making $$ on their orphans. i also, as a buyer, understand that i don't want to pay for a bunch of options that i either have no need for or simply DO NOT WANT. what do we do? here's a suggestion: why not...
  2. Smart Parking 1

    Half a parking space
  3. Florida Chapter
    Just some info I received from the Jacksonville Dealer... We will be the dealership serving your area. We are currently delivering the cars that were ordered around March of last year. Since you placed you reservation in July, it should be a few months before your car is here. Smart has also...
  4. smart Delivery
    Dealer fees.. What I am talking about is anything above and beyond MSRP, tax, title, license and destination charge. Please list fees that are not included in the above. From Highest to lowest dealer rip-off add on profit. Most are called "doc fees", some are called prep fees....even a notary...
1-4 of 4 Results