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  1. smart General Discussion
    Hi, I've halfway settled in getting a fortwo before Christmas but I'm having trouble finding one with the options I want in my nearest dealers' websites. I was wondering if you can special order one. I know dealers don’t like to do this and there would something of a waiting period, but does...
  2. New Members Area
    Hi! I recently found a very gently used (5,000 miles) 2009 Passion in my local area. However, I am over 2 hours from the nearest Smart dealer, and having been burned by this issue on a previous automobile, I'm a little leary. Our local Mercedes dealer indicated he can do basic service on it...
  3. Smart Center Jacksonville

    smart center Jacksonville 7018 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 904.253.7300
  4. smart General Discussion
    Ok so I picked up my brabus this past wedensday and today it was raining and I turned on my wipers and when I turned the back one on it made a odd scraching sound so I got out and look and there was no blade or wiper just the ar and a scrach in the glass, and I called the dealer and spoke to the...
  5. Smarts On Lombard Street- San Francisco 2008

    August 17th, 2008 -- 130+ Smart Fortwo Vehicles descend on Lombard Street for one epic photo opportunity and a lot of comradeship. This event was hosted by the Smart Owners Club of San Francisco and Smart Car of America
  6. smart General Discussion
    We had to take our smart back to the dealer for a rattling noise. The car has rattled since we picked it up in april but we didn't take it back until now as we live 2 hours drive from the dealer. We have just under 7000 miles on our smart so we also had an early 10000 mile service done. Our...
  7. smart Operation and Maintenance
    These are great cars & we love 'em, but they're not perfect... Let's start a list of warranty claims for service needs and/or failed parts that require(d) a trip to the dealer. What failed? Approximate age/mileage? Dealer service dept. rating: A, B, C, D, F This can be a good, running...
1-7 of 7 Results