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  1. Dealer for service in Grand Rapids?

    Michigan Region
    I'm heading to Grand Rapids for the weekend (from IL) and had hopes of getting my 20K service while I was up there. There's no smart dealer that I could find close - only Bloomfield Hills and I was trying not to drive another 120 miles. I also noticed that Betten Imports was closed on...
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  7. Notice to smart centers Everywhere RE: Orphans

    smart center Dealerships
    after being in the car business for 25+ years, i understand the smart centers need for making $$ on their orphans. i also, as a buyer, understand that i don't want to pay for a bunch of options that i either have no need for or simply DO NOT WANT. what do we do? here's a suggestion: why not...
  8. Smart Dealers & Orphan Add-On Information

    smart General Discussion
    FWIW, organization of previously posted information. Seven Smart dealers (No dealer add-ons reported) Edison, NJ (according to vanslam) Winston-Salem, NC (according to Container_Guy) Sarasota, FL (according to smartfloridadad) San Antonio, TX (according to mike-in-sa) San Jose, CA (according to...