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  1. Call My Owner Im Ready To Go Home

    smart still on the truck
  2. New Members Area
    Hello! I'm new! I paid my $99 reservation fee 4 months ago. Looks like I could still have a long wait from what I've been reading here. Another 10 months maybe? Ugh! Questions for everyone: When did you reserve your car? How long did delivery take? :-)
  3. Minnesmarta Chapter
    My dad ordered a Smart ForTwo and it was delivered to us on March 12, 2008! For quite some time we thought we could possibly be the 1st ones with a Smart in Minnesota! So if you would like.. please write down your delivery date and we can figure out who was possibly the 1st Smart owner in MN...
  4. My Delivery

    mismart's delivery
1-4 of 5 Results