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  1. smart General Discussion
    Good morning. Im new to the site, fairly new to the smart car life. I own a 2006 4two. Cdi. Diesel. It has a tune in it along with a straight pipe. It has ran great (+20000km since purchase) up until the other day. Its was smoking black really bad, more so then usual. I did my homework and...
  2. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    2006 Smart Diesel. CALIFORNIA TITLE. I just had small electrical fire with no damage to the engine but enough for AAA to total the vehicle. Fire damage to the alternator and wiring harness. I am going to return the title to AAA on Monday but would be willing to sell it before hand. Feel...
    $1 USD
  3. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hello everyone! I have been bitten by smart bugs and am suffering from smart fever. I am especially looking for a smart diesel, which I believe is available only in the 450 style car. Would be great to know if there's one around. Prefer one that is intact and not the victim of an accident...
  4. Canada Chapter
    My attention was drawn to Auto Trader recently when I noted some diesel Smart's ranging from 3-5k, some a little higher, looking for a good standby vehicle to use when my ED just wont cut it (usually last minute trips, end up having to take my wife's truck). I have heard both good and bad about...
  5. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    2005 Smart CDI Pure registered in Ontario, resides in Brighton MI. Odometer 116000 km (less than 75000 miles). CD player, no AC The car drives, however the turbo needs replacement. Maximum speed presently is 80 kph or 50 mph. The car has been maintained by a mechanical engineer, always used...
  6. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    SOLD SOLD :cool:
  7. New Members Area
    New member from Florida, with 2005 CDI Smart. Looking forward to learning more about this amazing little car :D BubblesDepo
  8. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hi all-- I'm staying in Los Angeles and have a 2006 Smart DIESEL CABRIO with 20K miles (33K km) in great shape that I might be willing to part with. Apparently these cars can be imported using a Registered Importer. The Federal Register ( says: "8...
  9. New Members Area
    Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum and am thinking of getting a Smart car. I am particularly interested in the diesel, but I don't see any recent news. Does anyone know if the company has commented lately on whether this will be available in the U.S.?
  10. New Members Area
    Hello SCOA, I'm looking for a smart CDI that has been registered in the states. I would also be interested to know how hard it is to import from Canada to MI. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Mexico Chapter
    Hello, or should I say Hola! I am a newbie ... I am looking for a Diesel Smart Car (used) and was hoping to find one near the California border somewhere. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. smart Modifications
    Is there anywhere I would be able to find a Complete wiring diagram for a 2005 Smart Cdi??
  13. New Members Area
    I am working on building a 3 wheeled diesel/hybrid commuter car for a senior design project at Minnesota St Mankato and am using a Smart CDI from Canada as a base. I have a wheel hub that I am trying to use for the rear wheel and am in need of a drive shaft to connect the hub and the electric...
  14. smart General Discussion
    I am wanting to buy a Smart ForTwo around the end of October. Thats when i turn 18 and i want to take out a loan for myself and i know i can pay it off. College is coming up and hopefully i'll be playing college football if i dont get hurt this season. ANYWAY... ive been looking at which ones...
  15. Modifications and Repairs
    I have a 2006 Canadian Cabrio CDI with about 60k Km on the odometer - While running errands a couple days ago - on a nice chilly rainy day - I hop into my car and notice it doesn't want to turn over. Just a "click" from the SAM, no starter. Noticed the CHECK ENGINE light is on. Used a...
  16. New Members Area
    I will be the first one in my town of approx. 18,000 to drive/own a SMART CAR FORTWO! My good friend, Tammy, and I will be traveling to Seattle to conduct some other business; however, while we are there I will seek out the Smart Center down by SouthCenter Mall and test drive a Smartie! I will...
1-16 of 22 Results