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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey there fellow smarty-pantses! I recently undertook the installation of a pair of Hella Sharptones into my 2017 ED and thought I'd share a couple of things that might be helpful if anyone else wants to do it. I didn't really take pics as I went but I'll try to illustrate. First of all, I...
  2. smart Modifications
    Aloha 453ers! With the Smart Connect App upon us, I have been faced with a problem. The Plastic Smartphone "cradle" that came with my 453 is (simply put) Amazing! I plugged it in and of course to much disappointment realized that my phone was too big. I enjoy my large mobile device and was let...
  3. My Home Made Bike Rack

    Had a few things laying around so decided to make my own bike rack for the SMART
  4. My Smart 4 To Speak

    Maybe not the best looking, but cost me only $50 to build and it works great.
  5. Interior & Exterior
    I've been needing a rigid cargo shelf for my dogs and other things. I wanted a level, carpeted area that could be installed and removed without tools, and could be stored behind the driver's seat when not in use. I made it from a piece of 1/2" plywood (18" x 48"), a length of piano hinge, a...
  6. Smart Smile

    just back from the dentist
  7. smart Modifications
    Hey, Just added net pocket to the boot area. Here is step by step. 1. Get the metal coat hanger. Cut and bend it to the shape of boot pocket (see pictures). . . 2. Boot pocket already have cutouts for the wire to install. . 3. I used trunk storage net I found in my garage. I...
  8. Two In The Driveway

    One for mom, one for the kid
  9. smart Videos
    Here is a video to help you guys that are doing your own install. Thanks Nick
  10. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey guys, I'm having so much fun with my smart fortwo passion. I did a special breakin which requires to change from synthetic to regular oil and then change it again at 40 miles: Break In Secrets**How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power In addition I changed both the...
  11. smart Modifications
    Here is my flush "factory look" install of Scangauge II If anyone is interested, I took some pictures during install, so I can post DIY step by step. Cube ******************************************************************** Here we go! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;-) Tools: DREMEL WARNING...
  12. Interior & Exterior
    Perfect fitment, was all plug and play. No splicing wires. The kit was extremely well built and will post some night shots later.
  13. Diamond In The Rough

    Our smart Passion gets used to its new home!
  14. Smart Fortwo Gauges Modified

    Tearing apart the smart fortwo gauges - How to take a part the gauges
  15. Smart Fortwo Gauges Cover

    Tearing apart the smart fortwo gauges - How to take a part the gauges
  16. Smart Fortwo Gauges Front Piece

    Tearing apart the smart fortwo gauges - How to take a part the gauges
  17. Smart Fortwo Gauges Taken Apart

    Tearing apart the smart fortwo gauges - How to take a part the gauges
  18. Technical "stickies"
    I realize there's a couple threads that discuss the oil changes but I wanted to create a single spot for just "how-to" oil change information. I have the approved dealer list of oils as well as the step-by-step instructions from the service manual. I had to scan them and the font was really...
1-19 of 20 Results