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  1. Original (450) smart fortwo
    I need to get a good, well-fitting, dogproof seat cover for the passenger seat. Any recommendations? Do you have one you have and like? Also, I've concocted my own (somewhat clumsy) dog guard to keep her in the back compartment, but if you have a clever DIY solution I'd like to see it! AND...
  2. New Members Area
    Hi all, You got a really nice forum going here and it looks like a great resource. I am just about to buy a Smart Car. Its perfect and will fit into my single car garage with our Prius one behind the other! Perfect so far. BUT, we have two full sized dacshunds, Junglee and Lucy who are each...
  3. Bumble Boochie

    Car dressed to match car theme! :)
  4. Bumble Boochie

    Car dressed to match car theme! :)
  5. Bumble Boochie

    Car dressed to match car theme! :)
  6. Meet 7-18

    Meet at scVaB and dinner at Silver diner
  7. smart General Discussion
    I've read several posts mentioning owners transporting their dog in their Smart cars. Where do you put the dog so he is comortable and doesn't cause a problem? Front seat? Trunk area? Trunk area with seat folded down? I have a Basset hound needing transport to the vet and don't want this to be a...
1-7 of 7 Results