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  1. My Dory Is No Longer A Photoshop Rendering

    The day after delivery the Smart dealer picked up my car and swapped panels for me.
  2. My Dory Is No Longer A Photoshop Rendering

    And the local print shop came through with my "Just keep swimming" custom lettering! All I need now is her MY DORY license plate.
  3. Picking Up My Car On My Birthday!

    After waiting almost a year, I got to pick up my car on my birthday! Here I am in front of my new Smart -- still haven't had the mix of blue/yellow panels done, but she's beautiful
  4. Picking Up My Car On My Birthday!

    Eric took a picture of me sitting in my car for the first time.
  5. Picking Up My Car On My Birthday!

    We took our dog Bodhi with us to get my car. Here we both are waiting patiently for the last of the paperwork.
  6. New Members Area
    just stopping in to say 'hello' as requested when signing up. considering trading in my toy prius for a smart4two to save some $$ with little change in mileage. will have to check one out in person and do some reading on here, of course, before deciding. anyone else trade a prius for a smart?
  7. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    My Black SmartMann Body Kit is Done! Thanks to Dan at Smartune for the kit and the pictorial instructions. Just finished gluing on the side skirts tonight. This kit was very easy to install, perfect fit, all the holes and tabs lined up. I also lowered the car with Eibach Springs, purchased...
1-7 of 7 Results