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  1. My top drives in Utah

    Utah Chapter
    So I'm going on a drive and thought at least one person would be interested in it so here it is. A lot of liter bikes take this drive so you know it has to be fun. If you are in need of gas for the drive back you can go to Duchesne and find a few gas stations in that city...
  2. Pittsburgh Smart Car Club April Events

    Pennsylvania Chapter
    Greetings fellow smarties! We have two very awesome events in the coming weeks - a scenic drive to the laurel highlands, and a tailgate party and Pittsburgh Power Football game! Check out the details below and attached documents...
  3. Totem Rendezvous Vancouver 2010

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    The Club smart Car folks in BC are planning a get-together on Saturday, April 3. Meet Sat morning at a civilized hour at the Totem Poles in Stanley Park and go from there. You can get more information and sign-up at Look for the thread with the same title as this one...
  4. Getting into Gear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Every once in a while my car will decide it doesn't want to get into gear. I move the shifter to reverse or drive and nothing happens and no "D" or "R" shows up in the display, when it's doing this the only things that show up are "P" and "N" when the shifter knob is in those respective...
  5. Event - EuroSunday in Kirkland

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    EuroSunday 8/9/2009 3000 Parking Garage - Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA - map it 9:00am to 11:30am - Show and Shine Drive and lunch after the event. Has anyone in the Seattle area attended one of these monthly events? I'm considering staying over Saturday night after the Mt Si parade. Is...
  6. Meet n' Drive

    Colorado Chapter
    There is a Colorado smart Owners Meet n' Drive on September 6th! We are meeting in the McGuckins parking lot in Boulder at 11a, and then driving to Nederland at 11:30a. There we will have lunch at Annie's, and continue on into the mountains. It is uber-casual, and smarties can...