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  1. smart Modifications
    I just received my replacement exhaust system under warranty from Nick at Doug Thorley. It's a very nice design with a flex pipe, all stainless steel. <img src="" alt="Doug Thorley New Exhaust" />
  2. Doug Thorley New Exhaust

    My Silent DTH version rusted through, so NIck finally sent me the latest version under warranty !
  3. smart Modifications
    I have now gone through 4 different exhaust systems, I started with the Breathless Exhaust V1, too loud. Then went to the DTH Center Exhaust V1, the bracket broke off the pipe. Then DTH Center Exhaust V2, it was still a bit too loud. I just purchased the DTH Quiet Exhaust from
  4. smart Modifications
    Just a couple of days ago I developed an exhaust leak, I thought the bolts had worked themselves loose at the flange. To my surprise, I found the left bracket where it welds to the first section of pipe ripped off. See Picture. This has been on my car for about 2,000 miles. This should be...
  5. Dth Exhaust Leak

    Weld broke on DTH Center Exhaust
  6. Vendor Deals
    We ordered a large shipment of the DTH Side exhaust and are doing a promo. If you have thought about getting this exhaust this is one of the best deals out there. If you are interested in more info click on the link and read the details. Smart Car Cat Back Exhaust by Doug Thorley Thank you! :-)
  7. smart Modifications
    What would you choose? And why? Thanks in advance...
  8. smart General Discussion
    I installed mine tonite but remember reading somewhere about the first time starting your car do I have to leave my car idle or something for awhile? I can;t find the post about it, I just wanna drive my car!
  9. smart Videos
    Here is a video to help you guys that are doing your own install. Thanks Nick
1-9 of 10 Results