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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey everybody. I remember reading a post on this forum somewhere that it is a good idea to do the two button push when you are about to complete runs on a dyno. I have a few questions about that. When I go on a dyno, should I do the two button push before the runs? Will this do anything? Why...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody. I was at my car show today hanging out with my "gang" and we all came up with a genius idea. We wanted to see how many people we could pull one over on so my friend who had his old dyno chart gave it to me and I put it on my car. Wow! The amount of people we fooled was beyond...
  3. 605 Hp Smart Car.

    This is the photoshopped dyno chart my friend gave me to include relevant information for my smart car. Always good to have some laughs.
  4. smart Modifications
    Hey fellow Smart car owners. I was wondering if anybody has ordered the dual tip Solo performance exhaust from Smart Madness or the Solo Performance website and has run it through a dyno since I have not seen any dyno numbers from Smart Madness or Solo themselves, I am a little leery of...
  5. smart Modifications
    check this out just came back from the dyno and the blue color is a stock smart and then theres mine in red all i did to my was i have been using acetone and we took the whole exhaust system out and ground all the holes to flow beter and we did the intake pipe trick but pluging up the "lungs"...
  6. smart Modifications
    Yesterday, I ordered RENNtech ECU new reflash specifically written for our US market 451-431 (71 hp). Renntech was founded 20 years ago by the former Technical Director of AMG North America. He is known for the development of the famous four valve "Hammer" engine, ''the 186 mph 4-door that...
1-6 of 6 Results