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  1. p2188 code no reading from front oxygen sensor

    smart General Discussion
    Been pulling my hair out and being nickled and dimed by this Dumb car. Have replaced all sensors, maf sensor, throttle body and sensor, all plugs and wires, air filter, oil filter etc. The latest mechanic says that it is not reading the front oxygen sensor and thinks the ecm is bad. Any way...
  2. Forward O2 sensor and ECM computer?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I recently had to have my engine rebuilt due to overheating. After I got it back, the engine light came on with an O2 sensor warning. The mechanic replaced the O2 sensor with a brand new one, but said they were still not getting any signal from it. They claim they went through the wiring...
  3. New to Smart Cars 450 w/dash (like 3) of death

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    I recently purchased a used 2005 For Two Passion (European gas model). As soon as we got home the battery died and it was diagnosed with a bad alternator. We bought a used alternator off of the internet and took the car and parts to our local alternator repair facility. They installed the...