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  1. just picked up a fortwo first mods?

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    hey guys just picked up a 2009 black/black passion coupe with red interior. already ordered: area 451 cruise control Scan Gauge II 10k H.I.D kit shorty carbon fiber antenna my next mods are gonna be TCU/ECU upgrades along with cold air intake and exhaust. i think ive setteld on DP tune ECU...
  2. Which ECU do we have?

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    BOSCH_EDC15C BOSCH_MEG E2 E3 E4 or none of these?
  3. InMotion Tuning

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    I won at the Midwest Rally, InMotion ECU tuning services, and Now I have a few questions! 1. What exactly am I going to get from InMotion, does anyone else have tuning by them? 2. Where is the ECU on this car, I will have to ship them my ECU. Thanks guys
  4. I ordered RENNTECH's ECU upgrade for US 451s.

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    Yesterday, I ordered RENNtech ECU new reflash specifically written for our US market 451-431 (71 hp). Renntech was founded 20 years ago by the former Technical Director of AMG North America. He is known for the development of the famous four valve "Hammer" engine, ''the 186 mph 4-door that...