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  1. Is there a water pump in my ED?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Is there a water pump in my ED if so then is it belt driven, gear driven or is it electric? Does the water get move around when I'm charging the battery in my ED? Batteries get hot when I charge them in my little home charger AAA, AA, C,& D batteries get pretty hot sometimes while charging. I...
  2. Manufacturer's Warranty

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey guys! My 2013 Smart ED is coming to the end of the 4 year warranty in November. I just bought it last month and it only has 12k miles. I imagine not much (if anything) will be warranty worthy. I took it in for it's first service at the MB dealer two weeks ago and I asked the service...
  3. Puget Sound ED Owner's Help!

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey all! New to smart and even newer to EVs. Just bought a 2013 ED a few weeks ago and I feel like I should get it looked at as it's been about a year since the previous owner got it serviced. I just got my BAP paperwork in and am sending it off tomorrow but I have three questions. 1. Is...
  4. Got my new 2015 SMART ED

    New Members Area
    Hello Just started driving a new 2015 SMART ED this week. It has been great so far and enjoy playing with the regeneration paddle on this car. by the way, any SMART ED drivers out there thinking of using a Nissan Leaf level 1 OEM charger instead of the SMART OEM level 1 charger?
  5. Three Electric Drive Questions

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hello Everyone, I love my new smart Electric Drive! Three questions for anyone who might know OR who might know where I might find out the answers: 1) Twice during medium to moderate acceleration I have heard a brief "thud" and the car stopped gliding forward for a fraction of a second, then...
  6. New Smart Electric Drive

    New Smart Electric Drive

    Giving rides with the new electric
  7. Got my new Smart ED (U.S. and Canada)

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Started in anticipation of May 1st (or 3rd) deliveries. :) Let us know when you get your new electric drive (or whatever smart is calling them this week....) 1. cooltoys, NY 2. Woody14619, NY 3. hunger, CA 4. zipperdu, CA 5. Don Bearden, CA* 6. Jeffrey Myers, MD?* * from
  8. Roof Antenna?

    Roof Antenna?

    roof thingie on electric drive Cabrio
  9. Side Badge Electric Drive

    Side Badge Electric Drive

    side badge electric drive
  10. Front Tire/wheel For Electric Drive

    Front Tire/wheel For Electric Drive

    cast wheels, 155 front/175 rear
  11. Gauge Cluster In Black

    Gauge Cluster In Black

    electric drive gauge cluster (matte finish MBZ SL550 in background)
  12. 'fuel' Filler For Electric Drive

    'fuel' Filler For Electric Drive

    shows the electrical charging connector
  13. Electric Drive Front Plate

    Electric Drive Front Plate

    silver Cabrio electric drive at the Chicago Auto Show
  14. Electric Drive at the Chicago Auto Show

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Was going to have the admin add a new category for 'electric drive' but decided to to go ahead and at least post one photo in case others already know what this is ... this photo shows what appears to be perhaps a very small antenna or wind deflector (hah, hah :D) that showed up on the roof on...
  15. Smart Electric Drive

    Smart Electric Drive

    what is this thing on the roof?
  16. Smart Electric Drive

    Smart Electric Drive

    at the Chicago Auto Show
  17. smart for-us (pickup) study

    smart News & Rumors
    smart for-us: world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show: The Rule-Breaker Stuttgart, Dec 07, 2011 Source: Daimler Media Page
  18. Electric Drive - sorry I'm so late to join!

    New Members Area
    Greetings to all! I drive the new Electric Drive smart car! As of tomorrow I will have had the car (lease) for a month. Sorry it took me so long to get onto this forum. I love my smart electric drive, and am very excited to pave the way for many other electric owners in the future! I've been a...