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  1. I need a Salvage Smart Electric or a Electric drive train from a smart car.

    smart General Discussion
    Hey. I've been desperately searching for a salvage Smart EQ for some time that I will be using on a homemade electric race car project. I need the Electric Motor, Battery pack, charging system and any other electronic system that helps to maintain the motor. I am willing to pay around 1000$ for...
  2. Smart ED in Idaho

    New Members Area
    I have been driving a 2015 SMART ED since mid-June 2019. So far, I have absolutely loved it. Normally a very fastidious car shopper, I bought this car after driving it around the block for 10 minutes and thinking about it for 60. So first of all, the range is perfect for me. I can easily drive...
  3. Selling my 2013 Smart Fortwo ED Cabrio

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hi everyone. I'm selling my 2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. The color is matte gray. It's a cabrio with 22,000 miles. I have the BAP lease on it (which I would be transferring to you) so the batteries are covered and still good. I drive it 65 miles a day and have exactly the same range...
  4. New arrival- Smart Electric Drive (ED)

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    Hello, My wife and I have had 2 Smart Cars for five years, but have just traded both of them in for ED, Electric Drives. Great fun (even if the range is short). Is there anyone else out there with EDs? We are about to install a Type 2 EVSE (charger) on our driveway (we have no garage) and would...
  5. Take a Ride on the Smart Electric Bike

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  6. Top 5 Electric Cars

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  7. Blown Fuse Issue

    Modifications and Repairs
    I posted a few weeks ago and got help on replacing the right fuse for my windows, which had blown. Got in the car today and the same fuse was blown again. Anyone have any ideas why that would happen? Fuse wasn't a dud, bought a good brand name replacement. I only have two windows...
  8. Top 5: Electric Cars Ready For Primetime

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    Smart made the list, but still gets slammed.
  9. Car and Driver on ED

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Your narrator, the man who is about to pass judgment on the transportation module pictured here, never even drove it home from the office, much less on a road trip during which he would encounter useful insights about the electric-powered Smart ED’s handling. And, yes before we go any...
  10. Popular Mechanics on ED smart

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Passion Coupe Test Drive The newest version of Smart's conspicuously goofy two-seater is an electric vehicle called the Smart Electric Drive. But can this test car fix some of the ride quality weaknesses that hampered Smart's...
  11. Converting all gas smart to ED

    smart News & Rumors
    here is a way to travel from place to place in an automobile without paying for gasoline and 84-year-old Rosario Accardi has been doing it for the past two years. Just hours after purchasing a fuel-efficient Smart car in 2008, he sent the car to Moorseville, N.C., to get it retrofitted and...
  12. Electric Trike conversion

    New Members Area
    My prime choice for designing and building an Electric Trike ( 4/5 scale Harley ServiCar RETRO style ) is the SMART transAxle ASSEMBLY including struts. If anyone out there ( around here ) has similar ideas, knows where the functional rear end of a front end collision can be had, especially in...
  13. Virginia Beach Smart Car Shoppers Anticipate 2011 For Two Electric Drive

    smart News & Rumors
    Checked Flag of Virginia Beach, the leading Virginia Beach smart car dealer, will be carrying the model that all smart car enthusiasts are talking about. Drivers who have already tested out this fuel-efficient new vehicle have said that it is the automobile of the future...
  14. Autoweek Slams the ED

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Thought this would be an interesting article to share: MARK VAUGHN, WEST COAST EDITOR: Not every car is going to be right for every buyer. This is especially true of electric cars. Just like monster trucks, full-size vans, sports cars and reruns of America's Next Top Model, each has its own...
  15. 2012 Ford Focus Electric

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    2012 Ford Focus Electric: Full Production Details Unveiled At CES As yet another sign of the gap being bridged between consumer electronics and cars, Ford decided to unveil not only the interface inside its upcoming Ford Focus Electric at the sprawling Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in...
  16. Super-smart Car

    Super-smart Car

    smart conversion Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize
  17. Hello Everyone

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    My name is Keith I live in Albany GA. Which is at least 200 miles from anywhere & everywhere lol!!! I am retired & living on a modest Social Security pension. Therefore have no expectations of ever owning a Smart Car. But that doesn't keep me from dreaming. I think the idea of these modren...
  18. Hello everyone. I have just joined the forum

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    Wow. It is great to see a car company like SMART thinking out of the box not only with online sales but with discussions forums as well. I am looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about the SMART car. I am really looking forward to the electric version. Maybe SMART would loan one...
  19. aloha from maui! seeking smart electric or diesel

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    aloha, everyone! i'm writing from maui, where i think there are less than half a dozen smart cars! i have been driving a biodiesel new beetle for the past 10 years since they came on the market (and 60s bugs before that). i can't bear the thought of going back to a regular gasoline car. i...
  20. Seattle gets ev nissan

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    Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year In part... Seattle will be one of the first cities where Nissan sells a new electric car, and the city will help make the vehicles viable here, officials from the city and auto maker said Tuesday. The new plug-in vehicle will be...