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  1. New Members Area
    Please help. I have purchased an OEM bike rack for my 2009 Passion and I am unclear how to hook up the electrical. The instruction manual looks like there should be some electrical output from the smart that joins the male part that came with the rack but I have no idea if this is true or...
  2. Headless Horseman

    This is why I call myself Headless, one of my fave films is Sleepy Hollow, so when I went to a halloween Western competitio, the choice of costume was easy
  3. Kansas Chapter
    Hello KC... Got hooked on idea of multi-functional sound system (GPS, DVD, CD, IPOD, AMFM, Sat Radio, Back up camera, etc.) but am concerned about finding qualified installation services in the Kansas City area. Has anyone installed any replacements to the factory installed systems...
1-4 of 5 Results