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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2008 Cabrio Passion. 2 days ago, it started constantly beeping while in Drive and Reverse. It stops beeping while stopped at a light, or while in Park. I have slammed all three doors, ensuring a door was not ajar. Seat belts are buckled also. Then today, the engine light came on. The...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've used this setup on 5 different cars, and never had this problem - 2013 451 - Elm327 using Android Torque Had the car for two days, no problems, then decided to get baseline temp readings... The following codes popped up.. So I cleared them, unplugged and restarted ECU.. no problems...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    The last couple of days when I start my smartie it makes a rumbling noise from the back. This evening when was driving home form work the engine light came on. I just had it in for the 30,000 mile tuneup and am disgusted. It also needed a new starter at that time so it was towed 2 hours to the...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Just changed the oil, at 5160 miles. Second change, first one was at 500 miles. Local lube shop charged me twenty clams if I provide the oil and filter. I consider this a good deal. Still having problems resetting the wrench, any suggestions would be appreciated. I picked up three five gallon...
  5. smart Modifications
    Just bought my Smart CAR , used... with 14k miles. Ran great at dealers and all the way home. After a while...Did notice that it idled wierd ... it starts out ok.. then it idles up.... and then... goes right down to normal... it continues to do this... the car was hot... ( meaning it had been...
  6. smart Operation and Maintenance
    My check engine light came on yesterday when I left work. I am not sure I cranked down the gas cap on the last fill up; could that be it? I refilled it this morning but light has not gone off.
1-6 of 6 Results