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  1. smart Fuel Economy
    Uh oh, Federal Government is making moves toward E15, 85% gas, and 15% Ethanol, an increase from E10. What do y'all think, look like trouble? Web site is here... E15 (a blend of gasoline and ethanol) | Fuels & Fuel Additives | US EPA Looks like both the car and me are going to be alcohol...
  2. smart Fuel Economy
    First a little about gas. Because higher octane gas has less energy (lighter density) it actually gets LESS miles per gallon...but more performance... Shorter hydrocarbon strands for the lighter, and longer for the denser. Gasoline is a regulated mix of hydrocarbon types, in order to burn...
  3. smart Fuel Economy
    Is anyone else adding Ethanol to the tank? I mean the car, not to yourself.... I am adding about a quart of E-85 (15% gas, 85% ethanol) to a fill up, to bring the octane up a point or two. Total ethanol percentage not to exceed 15-17.5%... Info I have says you can run about 22-23% max...
1-3 of 3 Results