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  1. EuroSunday Northern / Central California & Nevada

    California Chapter
    This thread is for the EuroSunday events in the Northern / Central California and Nevada regions. EuroSunday is a free informal event open to all local car and motorcycle clubs as well as individual owners. EuroSunday is geared towards the super exotic, rare, and vintage Euro cars and...
  2. 2/8/09 Smart / Porsche / Mercedes Event

    California Chapter
    Free fun event for Smart Porsche and Mercedes. Part of the EuroSunday event series, the featured marques for Febuary are Smart, Porsche and Mercedes. Hope to see some of you at the event.
  3. Size wars

    smart Gallery
    Just joined the forum Also wanted to share some of my pics. More on the website A monthly gathering of Euro car & motorcycle enthusiasts. I will post more smart pics soon Size war not smart but thought I share a few others:D
  4. Sayin hello

    New Members Area
    Just joined and saying hello