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  1. smart Parts Marketplace
    I picked this up a few years ago ans have used it perhaps 5 times. Cleaning out redundant tech and decided this charger needs a new home. Price includes shipping to the lower 48.
    $240 USD
  2. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I started receiving disturbing errors upon first starting my 2017 453 EV after it had been sitting unused for several days to a couple weeks. The errors were brake system errors of various kinds that would pop up, then immediately disappear. I did some short drives around the neighborhood to...
  3. smart General Discussion
    I am thoroughly enjoying my 2017 Smart EV. I have been looking for a phone app that will let me plan a multi-stop route around town and calculate the total round trip mileage. It seems like this should be easy to do, but my GPS apps don't have this functionality. Any suggestions?
  4. Future Pods...

    Credit to Daimler's Media site.
1-4 of 4 Results