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  1. cylinder wash causes?

    smart General Discussion
    the '09 had a broken exhaust flex pipe that I was unaware of for several weeks. yeah, yeah, I know, but it's a commuter car and I'm not under it all the time and it's been SO reliable we count on nothing ever going wrong with it. when I found out, by the exhaust tip melting a half-moon hole in...
  2. Exhaust flex pipe & upper elbow

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello! :) I bought my Smart 451 Pure 2010 this summer. In the past month I started to notice it getting louder around the exhaust. Last weekend I removed the rear bumper to see what's going on and I saw that the flex pipe is rotting out. I also noticed that a welding job had already been done...
  3. For Sale: Feeler: Carlsson Quad tip Exhaust AND Aerodynamic styling kit Front and Rear

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I am looking into selling the Carlsson Performance Exhaust and front and rear Aerodynamic styling kit, that are currently on my 2008 smart for two cabriolet that I am also selling. Carlsson Autotechnik - Mercedes Tuning auf Gut Wiesenhof - Aerodynamik, Tagfahrlicht , Leistungssteigerung...
  4. Stock Exhaust (Smart fortwo 451) $130 + ship. from South Florida (SOLD)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    This exhaust was in my personal car (a 2008 Smart fortwo 451 Passion) and the only reason I am selling it is because I replaced it with an aftermarket one from Solo Performance. It has 88k miles on it and was working perfectly fine prior to being removed from my car. It is also listed on Ebay...
  5. Cracked Exhaust Replacement

    smart Modifications
    Hi All, My Smart 451's exhaust pipe snapped within the flex pipe between the cat and the muffler. It's pretty broken and the sound is very loud. How do I remove the stock muffler? There are two rubber mounts on either side, that the muffler hangs from. It doesn't seem to be held in by any...
  6. Breathless v3 Exhaust + baffles

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Up for sale is a Breathless v3 with Flex pipe (same as OEM) exhaust. Includes removable pipe tip baffles to tone down the sound, but it will make your 1 liter sound like a race car with this exhaust. A trimming of the plastic valence is necessary for the center exhaust to poke through...
  7. Free plus shipping: Damaged exhaust and valence

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I have an OEM exhaust (2008 Smart Fortwo, 31,000 miles). It is _missing_ the flex pipe and flange. If you want it (to weld on a new pipe, to play with/modify, whatever, it's yours for free plus shipping from Massachusetts. Likewise, I have a rear valence (matte black) with a rather large hole...
  8. smart CDI 2006 muffler

    Dealers and Parts
    Can anyone help me find somewhere that I could get a stock replacement for my muffler / exhaust? I apparently lost one of the mounting bolts, and increased fatigue quickly made the muffler pipe fail. I don't really want a "performance" upgrade or whatever. I do want a catalytic converter in...
  9. Looking for a great deal on a Carlsson Exhaust?

    Deals & steals
    Some of you may have seen a Carlsson Exhaust system on ebay several months ago. Then some of you may have noticed that the posting for 10+ systems vanished overnight. I decided to email the seller and found out he still has some left in stock but not many. Check out: Type...
  10. Looking For Stock OEM Exhaust

    smart General Discussion
    If you have a stock exhaust in good condition and are willing to sell it please let me know...
  11. Help

    Community Help
    Hello everyone I am really hoping someone can give me some help. I have and 08 Ca
  12. 2005 Exhaust and 3 bars

    Modifications and Repairs
    last week the exhaust on my 2005 was finally getting too loud, and i was starting to really smell the leak inside the car, so i decided to pull the exhaust and weld it up. the exhaust had cracked all the way around and broken off right at the ubend where it mounts to the turbo. the only thing...
  13. Problems w/ SILA exhaust

    smart General Discussion
    I purchased a SILA exhaust less than two years ago from my local mods shop. Took it in a couple days ago w/ a little problem, a giant hole on the back side! eeeeek. My impression was that I was not the only person w/ this problem. Anyone have a story to tell?
  14. Sounds like lawn mower

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    got my smart a week ago and it sounds like this between 1st to second gear usually at slow speeds. check out the video. is this normal? what can i do to get rid off it? should i go back to the dealer? thanks
  15. Brabus exhaust system, used but good condition

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
  16. For Sale: OEM Exhaust

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Hey guys! I thought I made a thread about this awhile ago that I cannot find. Anyhow, my old OEM exhaust has been sitting on my work bench in the garage for quite some time and I have been trying to get rid of it for some time now. It works perfectly and it's in beautiful condition. I will post...
  17. Exhaust smell on hard acceleration?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2009 Passion and this has bothered me as long as I have owned the car and I am trying to finally figure out what is causing it... :confused: On hard acceleration (pedal to the floor) I always notice a strong exhaust smell in the cabin when the windows are closed. Its strong enough I...
  18. Exhaust pipe cracked...need info!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    My 2008 smart fortwo has an exhaust problem, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this before I bring it in to the dealer because I think my extended warranty may not cover the problem. I apologize for my non-techical description, but I'll try to be detailed so you will hopefully know...
  19. Stock Exhaust

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    anyone looking to go back to stock need a factory exhaust. Looking to get about 100 bucks for her. let me know. shipping could possibly be a little more if you live far away.
  20. Rearchromeplustoots


    Brabus exhaust on a Passion Coupe