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  1. smart Modifications
    finally found some spare cash to get it.. ( with 10% "new customer" discount and free shipping - $640 total ) and my smartcar finally sounds like a car :-) I disagree that is "too loud" as some other posts pointed out - maybe a tad with the top down, but in full convertible it...
  2. Interior & Exterior
    Doug Thorley Headers exhaust system for smart cars are defective. I have been dealing with Nick Thompson at Doug Thorley Headers, Sales Manager - International/Domestic without success. The response was “I am sorry but we are not making anymore Smart products” Nick Thompson Doug Thorley Headers...
  3. Vendor Deals
    We are receiving a new shipment of Borla smart car exhausts in the next couple of days and would like to offer the SCOA members a little extra promo on these units. If you are interested in purchasing a Borla smart car Exhaust for your smart we have two options available: smart car Performance...
  4. smart Videos
    Here is the promised full video review of the Solo Performance Dual Tip exhaust for our Smart cars. Sorry about the mix ups in some words, I have a ton on my mind between my dog dying and debt and some family related issues. Anyway, enough of the excuses, here are the two links to part one and...
  5. Vendor Deals
    We just received a large order of REMUS Performance exhausts and do to the size of our order we were able to save a little money. Due to this we have just put the REMUS exhausts on sale. Save $100 from our regular price. This is by far the best aftermarket exhaust system available for the...
  6. New Members Area
    hey guys just picked up a 2009 black/black passion coupe with red interior. already ordered: area 451 cruise control Scan Gauge II 10k H.I.D kit shorty carbon fiber antenna my next mods are gonna be TCU/ECU upgrades along with cold air intake and exhaust. i think ive setteld on DP tune ECU...
  7. smart Modifications
    A couple of days ago I installed the new Solo Performance twin tip exhaust and it works very well. This system has the flex pipe incorporated, the sound is just about perfect, and I appreciate the fact that it is stainless steel, as I cannot stand it when exhaust systems rust. If you have never...
  8. smart Modifications
    I have now gone through 4 different exhaust systems, I started with the Breathless Exhaust V1, too loud. Then went to the DTH Center Exhaust V1, the bracket broke off the pipe. Then DTH Center Exhaust V2, it was still a bit too loud. I just purchased the DTH Quiet Exhaust from
  9. Vendor Deals
    We just confirmed our shipment of new Borla exhausts will be in our shop by Mid Next week (Sept 2nd). We are offering both designs and as always guarantee the lowest price anywhere. Here are the direct product links for information and ordering for those that are interested: smart car Dual...
  10. smart Modifications
    We wanted to give everyone a little advance notice... We have been working with SOLO exhausts on a new Side Exhaust that would offer smart car owners the benefit of increased performance while maintaining a stock look. Our main requests were: Provide a flex coupling similar to their center...
  11. No Muffler Cat Back

    The loudest yet
  12. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I am overstocked on these beauties : Reduced 85% 640 x 360 (96.47K) get 'em while they last at U$ 40 ( or CAD $ 55 ) harald
  13. Borla Exhuast Dual-center

    Borla Dual-Center exhaust. Valance cut-out required.
  14. Borla Exhuast Dual-center

    Borla Dual-Center exhaust. Valance cut-out required.
  15. Genius Exhaust System

    new Genius exhaust
  16. Genius Exhaust System

    new Genius exhaust
  17. Genius Exhaust System

    new Genius exhaust
  18. Genius Exhaust System

    new Genius exhaust
21-38 of 66 Results