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  1. 2016 extended warranty issue

    smart General Discussion
    I purchased a 2016 smart fortwo passion with the 900cc turbo engine; along with an extended warranty. It is now Jan 2020 and i purchased the car in Jan 2017 as a demo... The extended warranty covers up to 120,000km not in addition to the base 80,000km warranty, which I asked to confirm to make...
  2. Extended Warranty

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    "United Repair Programs" sent me some information on extending the warranty on my Smart. John Anagnostou is listed as the owner. Located at 817 Broad Ripple Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46220-1960 United Repair Service in Indianapolis, IN is a private company which is listed under garment...
  3. HELP! Extended Warranty NOT showing up in the dealership's system! (Universal City)

    smart General Discussion
    I hope that someone out there can assist me, and maybe (but hopefully not) have has the same situation. I purchased my ForTwo in March of 2008 at Universal City Smart, along with an extended warranty (5 year). Anyhow, that dealership closed and I am getting my car serviced at the closest...
  4. NEW smart from Chandler Arizona Smart Center

    New Members Area
    Wife bought a Smart finally. Her name is Bea - the car, not my wife. Passion, cabrio, tinted windows, heated seats. White with silver Tridion, tan interior. Gonna do custom paint. Looking at all the possibilities. Maybe a zebra stripe of just a cool color. Chandler Smart Center was awesome. We...
  5. Buying another year on the Warranty

    smart General Discussion
    I have 8,000 miles on my Smart and have been told that if you do it before you hit 10K you can add additional years/coverage to your warranty. I only have the standard warranty but am considering purchasing another year. Is it possible? Worth it?