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  1. Sun Shade Cord Fix And Routing

    Sun Shade cord fix and routing
  2. Interior & Exterior Styling
    I am overstocked on these beauties : Reduced 85% 640 x 360 (96.47K) get 'em while they last at U$ 40 ( or CAD $ 55 ) harald
  3. smart General Discussion
    now as request i now have it and i will put up a poll at the end. rule is that it can be any model i.e. roadster, forfour, etc. but it cannot be computer generated unless it is more hideous than a bamboons backside
  4. smart General Discussion
    FAKE smarts on ebay and guess what the title said... eBay Motors: Other Makes : REV-1 (item 250371594810 end time Feb-15-09 09:29:53 PST) get that into your browser and be prepared to see the most hideous smart clone you've ever seen... said SMART theyre as stupid as...
1-5 of 5 Results