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  1. Name that Fan or motor - and win a prize!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    my 2014 smart with 42K has a fan or motor grown coming from the front of the car mostly when you shut it off. I believe it is the fan that stays on a few seconds after you shut off the car. WHICH fan would that be? A few weeks back the noise was intermittent and sounded like an old shop vac...
  2. Wanted: Fan Blower Motor & Convertible Roof

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi Folks :) I am looking for a Fan Blower Motor and a Convertible Roof, full (back & top) or back part only. I have a 2009 Smart ForTwo Brabus Convertible. I think all models & years fit the same. Thanks for any offer or advice! -Jens
  3. Wanted: WANTED: Fan Blower Motor (Smart 2009)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I am looking for Fan Blower Motor which fits on a 2009 Smart Brabus Convertible (actually, should be all the same). My fan is not working anymore. Thanks for any response, feedback, or advise. :) -Jens
  4. New noises from heat/ac fan

    New Members Area
    As the weather gets colder, I am experiencing a 30 second squeal from my fan when I turn it on. After 30 seconds or so it silences. I am planning a trip to the dealership to have it checked out. I feel like it is not something serious and wonder if I can get at the fan to see what it could...
  5. I dont own but i use smarts many times a week

    New Members Area
    Hello, My name is ryan battle from Austin, Texas. I have come to love the smart by virtue of using car2go in my town. I tell friends I have 350 smart cars because I can use them whenever I want. While not an owner, per se, i am a user and a fan. Thanks, Ryan
  6. Loose Wire for Heating Blower?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Having a problem with my heating blower. There is obviously a loose connection somewhere because sometimes, when I hit a bump, it shuts off. Then, if I hit another bump (or just smack the dashboard) it comes back on. Has anyone had this problem and can someone explain where to look for...
  7. High pitch sqeel from heater fan

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have noticed this a few times, when the car is cold, and air temp is cold the fan tends to make a high pitched sqeeling sound on speeds 1-3 (I don't notice it on 4 maybe becasue the fan it to loud). Once the car warms up, the sound goes away. Anyone else have this issue?